Versions of FIP-VPN

1.) Port-VPN

12 ports will get achievable via VPN if you have Port-VPN. Similar to portmapper's usage you can access your devices behind VPN with our portmapper's server and assigned ports.
This is the cheapest version and enables access to e.g. cameras or remote desktops.

2.) IP-VPN

IP VPN is similar to Port-VPN, but you get a dedicated IPv4-address, so you can choose ports freely.

Only incoming connections are possibe with version 1 and 2. Outgoing connections are still treated via existing internet connection.

3.) VPN Tunnel.

With VPN Tunnel your terminal establishes kind of second dial-up to your Internet. When VPN is created, your device will get an own official IPv4 address, with which it is achievable right now. Also outgoing traffic is treated by this connection.

3.b) VPN Tunnel MS-Windows
With "MS windows" - implementation of VPN you get a limitation, which makes it necessary to refer 2 IP addresses. Therefore this VPN's price is a bit bigger than normal VPN's.

You can find every version's price in this list.

You can book IPv4 addresses for several version's of VPN in your account with Credits/Addons -> Addon buchen.