Establishment of FIP-VPN

FIP-VPN is implemented with Opensource key "openvpn". This "openvpn"-software is available for nearly every platforn including smart phones.

Establishment starts with configuration file, which you get after installation of software, and you use it for VPN's set up.

You can create VPN and port releases on your own in your account and get necessary data as "ZIP" file available for download.

When VPN is established, your system has a further "virtual" NIC, which is connected with our computering centre. Via this NIC it is possible for to access your released ports externally.

With Port VPN and IP VPN only desired ports can be achieved. All other ports are already disabled in our computering centre. With VPN tunnel you get every packet allotted to target group.

You will find step-by-step instruction for establishment of the several versions here soon.

Our FIP Box furthermore supports VPN server and can pass requests to targets in your network.