Protection of SD card

FIP-Box has a SD card to start and save configurations. This has limited amount of possible write operations, like any flash memory has.

To avoid failure through too much write access (e.g. to logfiles), we changed a bit of basic setup to reduce number of write operations. Therefore log service rsyslog is replaced and the partition of SD card is mounted in a reading way.

Please attend, to accomplish changes of data "/etc/fipbox" via command "fipedit". This mounts SD card writeable, edits file "/etc/fipbox", mounts SD card write-protected and restarts all services.

Establishment is possible via following script.
(If you have bought FIP-Box in full package after 16th October 2014, this modfication is already activated.)

sudo su
cd /tmp

To change parts of system  you have to inactivate write protection. Therefore you use commands "schreibschutz_aus" [inactive write protection] and "schreibschutz_an" [active write protection].