Use FIP-Box as OpenVPN-Server

FIP-Box has Linux operating system, which can be extended arbitarily. One possible usage is a setup of VPN tunnel via openvpn. Therefore you do not have to make all your devices available via Internet, but can access to them via scrambled connection after setup of VPN's in your home network.
Furthermore it is possible to browse via this connection. If VPN is set up, all Internet requests will be transferred in code via VPN.
VPN is set up via pportmappers directly tp FIP-Box. All data are transferred SSL-encoded.

After set up of VPN your computer is in your local network again and you can e.g. access to you NAS or webcam directly via FTP without seperate portmappers of all yours devices.

We wrote a script for FIP-Box, which accomplishes establishment of openvpn automatically. This script creates archive file, which includes all necessary data for client, at the end and uploads this file to a webserver, where you can access to it via link, without transferring data from FIP-Box to computer.

Secret code for connection is shown to you in terminal (putty) after installation and you have to copy it to downloaded configuration manually.
Never transport this key via public ways!!

Script's base is a "How to" by Jan Karres.
On this website you can also find information about operating mode of VPN and instruction for establishment of further accesses. Moreover establishment, which our system takes over, is expained step by step.

You start installation of VPN with following orders:
(ATTENTION: Never start this script, when you already use openvpn with your box. Otherwise every already established connections get invalid with accomplishing!)

ATTENTION: Script was tested by us many times. So we do not assume any guarantee if there were any damages to your devices. Please, save your SD card before installation !

If your FIP-Box has write protection of your SD card, you have to remove it via "schreibschutz_aus"

sudo su
cd /tmp