FIP-Box is a small device based on Linux.  It is adapted to mode of portmapper and DDNS service.

You have to use FIP-Box if you have connection via DS-Lite, but your local devices (webcams, older operating systems, ...) only support IPv4. FIP-Box offers an IPv6-address for these devices, so they can be called externally.

Another area of appication was updating your DDNS hostname if your router does not support this task.

FIP-Box consists of Raspberry PI modell B, housing (made of acrylic), power adaptor, SD-card and network cable (3m).

We offer FIP-Box in 3 variations:

1st variation: full package of hardware and predefined system on SD-card, 97,- €

2nd variation: single hardware as assembly set, 69,- € 

Housing, SD-card and board have to be mounted. Operating system has to be installed.

complete or assembly set, free shipping

3rd variation: You already use Raspberry with Raspbian? You can use it with our script, to extend it with necessary functions.

Install system