Install FIP-Box

It does not matter whether you got Raspberry PI from our store or you already have one. With the following steps you can change it into a FIP-Box.

You do not need these steps if you bought full package, because in this case your box is already established !

Install Raspian

With establishment we assume new configuration. If data or applications are already on your device, you should save. With bigger modifications the furthermore have to be implemented manually via Installscript and adjusted to your surrounding.

Firstly we need an operating system on the SD card.
Therefore we use Debian-based version "Raspbian".

Download current Raspbian-Image and extract the file on your harddisk.

With Linux you can vopy the image directly with dd on the SD card.

"Tool Diskimager" exists for Windows users.
Here you can download it:

You choose image file and SD card after starting and click on [Write] to write the image on SD card.

Then you put the card into Raspbian and boot the device.
DHCP is activated via default, so you can access it via the name "raspberry".

Now log in with user name "pi" and password "raspberry".

Install extensions of FIP-BOX

After logging in you can change the device this way: 
ATTENTION: The script was tested many times. We do not provide any guarantee in the case of damage to your devices! Save the content of your SD card before (with windows via above-named tool) !

sudo su
cd /tmp

If you have not change device name, your box is now achievable with "fipbox" and it furthermore reports the router with this name.

Now you can establish your FIP-Box.