Establish FIP-Box

We tried to make configuration of FIP-Box as easy as possible. (If you indicate entries of portmappers with the order of full package, you will find them in your device. Password is written in accompanying letter.)

You need SSH client to connect with your FIP-Box.
Putty is a small client free of charge.
Download putty.exe herunter start it. After starting you enter hostname "fipbox" and click [Open] to establish a connection.

Log in with user "pi" and your password. (PICTURE 1)

Use order sudo nano /etc/fipbox to open configuration file for FIP-Box specific services. (BILD 2)

Instalations since 16th October 2014 provide the tool "fipedit". This tool opens the file /etc/fipbox and after closing all services will be restarted. Reboot is not necessary anymore.

To use the box for DDNS update , refresh this line: 
with your data.

Establishment of an internal portmapper with this line:

Example: Portmapper auf den Remotedesktop des lokalen Servers

With key sequence: [STRG][X] and [Y] you can save your changes.

You can refresh device with sudo reboot to make your changes effective.

When your settings are ready, you have to establish the shares of FIP-BOX and the port in you router. These you can save as universal portmappers in your account and so you can access your devices.

We arranged an step by step instruction of the establishment of the portmappers in our FIP-Book.
Download FIP-Book (7MB)