Universal portmappers

Our universal portmappers are established with only a few mouse clicks. Use dynamic DNS system of your router provider -e.g.,  myfritz.net by AVM as aim for the mapping.

Establishment at a glance

With the following steps you create a universal portmapper on a device of your home network.

  • Every target device needs an IPv6 connection.
  • Create a account of MyFritz in your Fritzbox.
  • Add release of MyFritz for your target device.
  • Create a account on feste-ip.net and log in.
  • Register the generated name of the release e.g., nas.abcdefghij.myfirtz.net in your account on Feste-IP.net as the portmapper's goal.
  • Choose your nearest portmapper.
  • Register the ports, which you want to access and click "Portmapper erstellen"(create portmapper).

Now the system shows all addresses to you, with which your devices are achievable via IPv4.


We composed an instruction step by step in our FIP-Book.
Download FIP-Book (7MB)