DS-Lite IPv6 devices achievable in home network

You have got an Internet connection. which is called as DS-Lite connection? That means your Internet service provider allocates an access only via IPv6. Addresses on the Internet, which can be called up only via IPv4, are activated by the provider with a special gateway. That is not bad, because so you can call up destination devices via IPv6 as well as via IPv4 (with provider gateway).

But it also means your local devices are not reachable via IPv4 addresses from the Internet anymore. You cannot access your webcam, NAS, remote desktop yia 'old' IPv4 connections anymore.

You can use our portmapper with a few, small restrictions to solve this problem and to get access to your devices in the home network.

For better understanding we summed up the most important changes:

Internet connection with IPv4

There is an external IP address, which maybe changes every 24 hours. This address is signaled to a provider of dynamic DNS service via DDNS software.

The devices in LAN have private addresses like:
Devices in local network can be accessed via port forwarding in the router from the Internet.
E.g. the FTP server is achievable via
camera can be accessed via http://meinlan.dynamisches-dns.de:8080/.

To get your devices reachable for IPv4 destination devices again, we have got the portmappers.
These are combined with the Internet with both logs. You accept the request e.g. og your mobile phone or you Computer (with IPv4 only Access) and pass it to the target devices, e.g. Webcam, Server or NAS behin you DS-Lite connection.

This establishment is easy with our universal portmapper.
These use the DNS system of router producers, e.g. MyFritz by AVM. 

If you do not want to use them, you can use our FIP portmappers. Their sstablishment is more complex and it will only be necessary, if you cannot implement your intention with our universal portmappers.

It is important every device, which shall be addressed, is IPv6-able. If they are not IPv6-able, you need a translater between IPv6 and IPv4. E.g., this could be a Server, which is online constantly.
Our FIP-Box is another opportunity. This small computer based on Rasperry does not need much electricity and was adjusted by us for this purpose.


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