FIP - Portmappers

The establishment of the FIP-portmappers is more comprehensive than the use of universal portmappers in combination with the producer's DNS service like My!FRITZ.

The FIP-portmappers work without the producer's DNS system as contrasted to our universal portmappers.
Therefor an account of will be established in your router.
Thereby our system makes out the needed settings of your LAN and provides the IPv4 <> IPv6 portmappers.

You should only use these portmappers if there was no other possibility or if you did not want to use your provider's DNS system, because access to you router is necesseray for determining the internal IPv6 prefix.

You can solve these problems and get your devices achievable in despite of dynamic prefix with our 2 addons: IPV6 subhosts and IPv6 portmapping. Also access to IPv4 would be possible again.

The major challenge is to determinie the current valid local prefix of the network.
Your router messages our update server only with its external IP like 2001:db8::1.
Therout it is not possible to get the information, that the prefix 2001:db8:22:: is used inernal currently.
There is no possibility to conclude the internal sub network from the external IPv6 address, because it is given from ISP randomly.
The only possibility is select these data from the router right after connection build up. This only works after registration at the router.

We developed routines for some routers to submit this automatically.

(OLD: Au fond won information are based on TR064/TR069 log, which are available for many routers. )
We replaced determination of the prefix with a simulated user login at the router, because external access on the logs is sometimes prevented by ISPs.
Unfortunately for some routers you cannot put the access privileges on certain functions (like selecting internal prefix), but rather grant or deny them globally.
Therefor we have decided to save no access data for the routers of our system and to use the data, which we have generated for your host, to get access. Even if you manage several hosts in your account, so each of them has its own password for the selection of the router's prefix. These data are not available clearly for us, but they are saved as hash and so they are not useable out of updating process.
This gives an opportunity of highest safety with the use of IPv6 sub system.
We developed a step-by-step instruction for the widely spread AVM Fritzbox:

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