Indication: New Firmware
Telekom is distributing new versions of firmware for some speedport models, which make it possible to register providers of DynamicDNS.
Please check before making the adjustments, which are described in the following text, whether the option "user-defined" is already existing in network -> DDNS provider.

If it is already existing, you have to register this URL:<domain>&myip=<ipaddr>
for updating and also the data for you new hostname. 

Now the following modifications are not necessary anymore!

Establishment Speedport

Please, keep on hand your identification of T-Online for the following steps and order a backup of configuration in: Administration -> Load and save!


In the menu item
Kommunication -> Network
Choose in the assortment of providers "Other providers".

Create the username according to this schema:

Attachment identification + T-Online number + Joint user suffix +
(If your T-Online number has less than 12 digits,insert # infront of the 'joint user'.)


Azzachment identification: 082737263
T-Online number: 543022738495
Joint user: 0001
give the username:

Now register both DNS servers

Primary DNS server:
Sekundary DNS server:

With one click on [Save] the Connection is tested and the new data will be deposit in the router.

After teh data is saved, click the menu item
Configuration -> Network -> DynamicDNS
and set it the option DynamicDNS [X]

Assortment of providers:
Domain name:
Username: HOST-ID (Is shown to you when name is created.)
Password: (Is shown to you when name is created.)

After that save the settings!

Videoinstruction for establishment of Speedport: