IPv4 - IPv6

You can also refer an IPv6 address to your host name with feste-IP.net.
Furthermore our web- and update systems and the servers of names are reachable via IPv6.
So you can use feste-IP.net without Access via IPv4.

All hosts involved in the System are reacheable via IPv4 and IPv6, so changes in the router are not necessary.
Furthermore we have established host names with only one log, so that you can update IPv4 and IPv6 specifically.

Updateserver - Dualstack: members.feste-ip.net (/nic/update?)
Updateserver - IPv4only: v4.members.feste-ip.net
Updateserver - IPv6only: v6.members.feste-ip.net

CheckIP - Dualstack: checkip.feste-ip.net
CheckIP - IPv4 only: v4.checkip.feste-ip.net
CheckIP - IPv6 only: v6.checkip.feste-ip.net