General Settings

You can use our Service with each devices supporting Dynamic-DNS Updates.

After the creation of your wish name you get a host ID (the user name) and a password announced.
For every name a separate password is made. Never use your account Password for Hostupdates!

Either you being able to add a new dynamic dns provider in your device:

then use the following update URL on your router, please.<domain>&myip=<ipaddr>

OR you are NOT able to modify the DDNS-Provider list:

than simple use our nameservers


and use the hostdetails we provide you after the hostcreation.
(Don't care about that other DDNS-Providers are selected. Caused by our sepcial DNS Servers that update will work too.)

In case of problems or questions feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you setting up you new hostname.
Please write in german or english.


Currently you find many examples on the german page. Simply click on the flag at the right top and select your vendor.