Establishment Draytek - Vigor

In the menu item

LAN ->basic adjustments
Deposit the DNS-server




in the menu item
Applications -> Dynamic DNS
Choose one index number and register the data for your account.

[x] activate dynamic DNS account
Service Type: Dynamic
Domain name: IHR-NAME .
Login name: HOST-ID (Is shown to you when name is created.)
Password: (Is shown to you when name is created.)

Save the settings with [OK].


If your router is out of the 2800 series-production, you also have to enter the following command via telnet. Therefore the settings will be transfered!

srv dhcp frcdnsmanl on


You can register our service directly in the current firmware.
Then the steps below are not necessary anymore!

Provider Host:
Service API: /nic/update?hostname=IHR_HOSTNAME&myip=###IP###