With DDNS-Service of feste-ip.net you get the possibility of allocating always the same name to your Internet connection with a dynamic IP address. Then your equipment, for example the internet protocol camera, the server, NAS, VPN or even the lining equipment of your aquarium and the control system of your solar collector always are attainable with a name of our domainpool like: gnandstein.feste-ip.net

Actualisation occurs with the help of a DSL-router, a server of Windows or another device of your network.

Even if the service of your device is appointed to another supplier, you are able to use our service!

We have developed some examples for configuration in the domain "Establishment". These shall help you to establish your own IP address.

Fritzbox - Speedport - EasyboxNetgear - Watchguard - Bintec - Draytek - Lancom - PF-Sense - Zyxel - Others

NAS: (Not necessary if the data are already desposited in the router!)
QNAP - Synology

Systemtools for:
Linux - Windows

Try out our DDNS-Service free of charge and noncommittal for 50 days!
(You automatically get 50 credits as starting credit with creating a new account.)