FAQ - DDNS Service

Wherefrom do I get the data, which is deposited in the router?
After creating the new hostname in your account the generated data are shown to you. A username in the way of a host-ID and a password are generated for every hostname.

Do I have to create one hostname for every account?
No. You can generate as many hostnsames as you want in one account.

Why is a new password created for every hostname? Can I not use the one of my account?
If you create a lot of hostnames, for example for your clients, and deposit these in different routers, they maybe can be visible for third parties. Therefore and for your own safety a new password is generated for every hostname.

What is the "host-ID", which is shown after creating the name?
The host-ID is the username, which is deposited in the router or the updateclient. Every hostname has its own host-ID.

What is the Update-URL?


http(s):// HOST-ID:PASSWORT@members.feste-ip.net/nic/update?hostname=<domain>&system=dyndns&myip=IP&wildcard=[NOCHG/ON]

Why can I not generate a new DynDNS providor in the router, but only choose one of the given ones?
That is no problem. Therefore we have deposited more details in the domain Establishment.

I have forgotten the host-ID and the host-password!
You can get the host-ID in the hostdetails in your account. The password is not ensured in plain text, but you can always create a new one.

I would like to use an own DNS-Name like: router.mydomain.de!
It will be the easiest way if you create a C-NAME record in your host in our system. Then your system is achievable with another name of the domain, too.

Which names are available?
feste-ip.net, dynamisches-dns.de, dynamic-dns.info, dnsupdater.de, static-access.net, dyn.cosidns.de, l-o-g-i-n.de

We also support you with the implementation of our service into your products. Then other domains are realisable, too.

How can I see, when the host was updated last?
You can find the time of the last update in your personal overview of the host. Additionally you can request the degree of the last update easily via DNS. For every host a TXT record is created, which contains the time of the last update, too.

The request  nslookup -query=txt hostname.feste-ip.net
generates the expense -> 24.01.2012___04:56___1327377364
which contains the time of the last update as date and as timestamp.

What is the address to determine my current IP?
The address is: http://checkip.feste-ip.net 

Can I try the Service without registration?
Yes. You can use the following data to find out, whether your router or your updateclient with our service is working:

DNS-name: test.feste-ip.net
HOST-ID : 13135
Password: 7sN2KS6L8W

Please note that the data can be used by others.
You can try out with the contemporary input "nslookup -query=txt test.feste-ip.net", whether your update was successful.